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Cardiology Leader Urges Use of Disease Registries

May 18th, 2009


During a recent web conference sponsored by Avalere Health, Ralph Brindis, incoming president of the American College of Cardiology, called for health care providers in all areas to increase their use of disease registries as to collect better data on quality and performance.

According to Brindis, the disease registries will “allow timely clinical data to be collected for performance-measure reporting.” He added that the registries would enable the industry to test “performance measures for many stakeholders before they are widely used or accepted.”
In addition, as more health providers use the databases, “the registries would be strengthened in terms of their participation within the community,” Brindis said. In the end, increased usage could help automate data entry and help health care providers avoid entering information into inefficient, multiple alternative systems. To put it simply, there needs to be something more unified.
Does your clinic or practice utilize disease registries? Why or why not?


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