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Study Reports Faster Resting Heart Rate Linked to Heart Attacks in Women

February 6th, 2009

According to a report developed by the British Medical Journal and the US National, Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, a study was recently conducted to find out whether a faster resting heartbeat could predict the risk of heart attacks for women. Researchers looked at detailed health records for nearly 130,000 postmenopausal women with no history of heart problems. At the start of the study, women rested for five minutes, then had their pulse taken. They were the followed up for about seven years yielding surprising results.

According to the study results, the were ranked into groups depending on their heart rate. About 80 percent of women had a heart rate under 76 beats per minute. All the women in this range had roughly the same chance of having a heart attack. However, women in the top 20 percent (who had heartbeats faster than 76 beats per minute) had a slightly higher chance of having a heart attack.

Among women over the age of 65 with a heart rate of less than 62 beats per minute, there were about 37 heart attacks each year for every 10,000 women. In the group with a heart rate of more 76 beats per minute, 54 out of 10,000 women had a heart attack each year.

Researchers recommend healthy diets, no smoking, exercise, and regular Stress Testing after menopause to reduce the risk of developing heart problems that could lead to heart attack. As the result of this study, some health care professionals may receive floods of stress testing requests as women work to ensure their health and safety. is proud to offer Stress Testing Systems for your practice that are designed to deliver results using cutting edge technology and an ergonomic design that can work to boost your office efficiency. Update your practice. Get yours today.

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