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GE Stress Test Systems Can Save Your Life

October 15th, 2008

Staying fit is one of the key factors in having a healthy life. One way to keep your heart healthy is by having a doctor conduct regular stress tests. Stress tests, also called exercise or treadmill tests, help doctors distinguish what levels of exercise are appropriate for a patient, as well as how well his or her heart works. During this test, physicians will monitor heart rate, breathing, electrocardiogram, blood pressure, and fatigue. This type of exam, most importantly, can help diagnose more severe conditions like coronary artery disease. Moreover, physicians are able to predict the risk of heart attack or detect abnormal heart rhythms.

Stress Test Systems
The National Heart Lung and Blood Institute recommends anyone diagnosed with coronary artery disease or who recently suffered a heart attack receive stress testing prior to beginning any exercise programs. Testing will also show whether or not treatments designed to improve the heart’s function are working properly.

Cardiologists should look to update their stress testing systems as to give the optimum in patient care and diagnostics. Imagine trusted stress testing systems that assist clinical decision-making, seamlessly retrieve information, and accommodate your unique practice.

Exercise testing systems offered through GE are excellent examples of integrated technology in patient care. Versatile, affordable, and dependable GE stress test systems that meet your performance and productivity needs allow for higher patient satisfaction and improved efficiency. GE stress test systems feature innovative ergonomics, enhanced diagnostics, and networking to maximize your capabilities. The CASE system by GE is designed to meet your needs. Developed using Six Sigma principles, the GE CASE system will address your need for accuracy, productivity, and still be easy to use. For more sophisticated results, consider the GE Marquette CASE Systems for your stress testing needs. Complete patient records at your fingertips, clinical versatility, and accurate readings are always key in GE stress test systems.


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