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The Importance of Medical Technology

April 24th, 2009


Regardless of the sphere in which it is implemented, new technology is something to embrace. It benefits businesses by increasing productivity and efficiency, and it benefits individuals by offering fun and exciting ways to finish personal projects. In general, technology has the potential to improve the quality of life for the user, and it can have ancillary benefits to others. Things are no different in the medical community.

A perfect example of technology’s positive effect on medicine is the computerization of medical records. Electronic medical records have made information more accessible and more accurate. Now, instead of sifting through seemingly endless shelves of folders and papers, one can simply look up patient information in a neat electronic database, and in critical medical situations, this can save valuable time. Additionally, adopting the electronic paradigm can save billions of dollars, which is further evidence of technology’s almost intrinsic facilitative capabilities.

Technology has immense benefits for medical science, so we can’t afford to turn it away. As a physician, it’s safe to say that you care a great deal about your patients, so you owe it to them to explore these new avenues.


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