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Watching Your Anger

March 13th, 2009

When it comes to medical science, we seem to concern ourselves with physical or bodily health above all else. However, we tend to forget (or sometimes fail to see) that one’s emotional health can often be a factor in one’s physical well-being.

Angry Woman

Anger, in particular, is one emotion that we need to monitor closely. According to, a study from Yale University cardiologist Rachel Lampert has shown that anger can trigger dangerous heart rhythms in people who are already vulnerable. Lampert observed irregular heartbeats similar to those that occur during exercise, but they resulted from the angry thoughts of some of her patients, suggesting that anger may directly affect heart cells.

Instrumental to this study were EKG machines, and in the wake of this revelation, is proud to offer a variety of them. As the lifeblood of the human body, the heart needs a lot of attention, and our EKGs offer reliable and accurate cardiac readings to ensure that the appropriate actions can be taken if anything is amiss.

If you’re wrestling with this emotion, an EKG might reveal any potential health risks. So, don’t let your anger control you; turn the tables and control it with a quick checkup.


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