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Nellcor Systems Keep Our Nation Breathing Healthy

December 12th, 2008

As our nation transitions into policies that contribute to cleaner air, patients and physicians alike look to switch to more eco-friendly solutions that prevent harmful toxins from entering their respiratory systems. However, in result of some of these toxins, makers of respiratory aids are developing new methods of getting patients the oxygen they need to reverse the harmful effects of abrasive substances.

Used every day in global healthcare environments, Nellcor Systems deliver pulse oximetry and respiratory care solutions built on performance. Working closely with clinicians, technology partners, and researchers in various health care centers, Nellcor strives to meet their customers’ needs in dependable patient care.

Nellcor Systems

Nellcor products are backed by inservice training, educational materials, technical services and support, building a reputation for quality noninvasive respiratory solutions. The Physician’s Resource trusts Nellcor Systems for its capnography, pulse oximetry, and spirometry excellence.

Products like Nellcor’s Handheld Capnographs offer physicians the technology that is capable to assist in emergencies, bedside monitoring, or even routine spot-check. It’s portability makes it a great solution for anesthesiologists, as it is mandated to continually monitor carbon dioxide levels for all patients receiving general anesthesia. Nellcor systems are also approved for use on neonatal to adult patients, are able to operate in high humidity environments, and can be used in most any setting.

Nellcor Systems also offers several types of pulse oximeters through The Physician’s Resource. With both stationary and portable designs, Nellcor’s pulse oximeters read through challenging motion conditions, operates through weak signals and interference, and have nurse call capabilities. Even the N-20PA Handheld Pulse Oximeter has withstood the extreme conditions of Mount Everest!


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