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Happy Holidays From The Physicians Resource!

December 16th, 2008

We know you Stress Test Systems and EKG Machines may not exactly be on your holiday gift list, but all of us at The Physicians Resource wanted to wish you a happy and healthy holiday season! You and your patient’s health is of utmost importance to us, and we compiled a quick list of holiday safety tips to ensure you have a wonderful month. Feel free to post them in your medical facility and your homes!

Medical Equipment

  • Christmas Trees – Always unplug tree lights at night to minimize the risk of fire, and keep the tree away from portable heaters and fireplaces. Be sure to throw your tree away no later than a week after Christmas, as dry trees increase the chance of fire.
  • Holiday Lights – Holiday lights look spectacular, but make sure there are no frayed wires and never use tacks to hold lights in place. Be sure outdoor lights are certified for outdoor use, and use ground fault circuits to prevent shocks.
  • Portable Heaters – It can get quite chilly in the winter and many people utilize portable heaters in their homes to cut down on high electricity bills. However, be sure it has an automatic shut off and is turned to an acceptable setting, and is not left on longer than it should be.
  • Candles – Lighted candles make any setting beautiful, but they can be very dangerous. Ensure your safety and replace candles with more conventional holiday decorations.
  • Kid’s Toys – Be sure children are always supervised while playing with their toys, as many toys can have choking or suffocation hazards.
  • Fireplaces – Fireplaces are a great way to keep warm, but be sure there is nothing around the fireplace that can catch on fire, and when you’re finished enjoying the warm fire, make sure the flame is completely out!

These are only a handful of safety tips – just be sure stay on the lookout for potential safety threats. Enjoy your holiday season, and visit for all your Medical Equipment needs!


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