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Zoll Defibrillators Revive Human Hearts

October 20th, 2008

For the first time in 1952, Dr. Paul M. Zoll demonstrated that when a human heart stops it can resume beating by applying external electric stimulation. His invaluable contribution to the medical world has given way to the technology found in every Coronary Care Unit across the country. Zoll’s Defibrillators carry on this commitment to pioneering cardiac technology. Today, Zoll’s products not only can be found in doctor’s offices, but also in schools, airports, shopping malls, and bus terminals. Access to life saving technology when you need it most.

Zoll Defibrillators

In the midst of cardiac arrest, shouldn’t you feel confident in your life saving abilities? For every minute a person isn’t shocked, his or her chance for survival drops 10 percent. Audio and visual prompts found in Zoll Defibrillators will help you rescue confidently anywhere, anytime. In addition to shock capabilities, Zoll’s AED Plus Defibrillator features Real CPR Help, a tool that is able to see if you are administering CPR effectively and offer feedback to assist. Zoll AED Pro offers portablity for professional rescuers, complete with Real CPR Help, ECG monitoring with high-quality display – perfect for any environment. Zoll Defibrillators also feature unmatched quality in battery compatibility and data storage, with maximum flexibility for data management. Zoll’s M-Series products are revolutionary in their compact, light construction with everything you need for cardiac resuscitation. Fast, easty, and portable, the M-Series also allows you to upgrade as your needs grow.

Finding the right defibrillator for you can be challenging, but with time-tested quality, Zoll Defibrillators are trusted to deliver results and suit your unique needs.


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