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Medical Imaging

GE Healthcare Releases New Innovations

GE Healthcare has introduced three medical imaging technologies for gentler imaging, which is expected to enable better patient care: the low-dose Discovery CT750 HD, the fast Discovery MR750, and the fusion technology of the Logiq E9, as reported in a recent release.

John Rice, vice chairman of GE said: “GE has developed technologies that improve the entire patient experience, from early and more accurate diagnosis to better treatment and management of diseases. The Discovery CT750 HD, Discovery MR750 and LOGIQ E9 are setting new technological standards in the early detection and diagnosis of many prevalent health issues. We are excited to bring these breakthrough innovations to help patients around the world.”

According to the company, the Discovery CT750 HD, a high-definition computed tomography (CT) provides an improved image with less radiation dose per scan for patients. This new technology is expected to offer up to 83% less dose on cardiac scans and up to 50% less dose across the rest of the body.

The Discovery MR750 is a magnetic resonance imaging scanner that looks to improve the overall patient experience without sacrificing image quality.

The Logiq E9, fuses ultrasound images with images from other imaging technologies like CT and MR for extraordinary image quality on all patient body types. With new tools and capabilities, the Logiq E9 is expected to improve workflow and diagnostic confidence for radiology and vascular applications – an essential for hospitals and large clinics. is proud to offer other GE Healthcare Technologies to benefit your practice.